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Vintage e-bikes by Moto Galloni

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  • - 7 July 2015
    Moto Galloni  vintage e-bikes

    The historic Moto Galloni company was founded in 1914 by Alberto Galloni in Borgomanero, Novara. He invested all his possessions when he set up the company and factory, SocietàAnonima Moto Galloni in Borgomanero. He firmly believed that if they were to win speed records, unequivocally notoriety would be brought to the bikes, thus guaranteeing their distribution. Unfortunately, the speed records and awards won did not bring in the expected sales and the crisis of 1929 also heavily influenced the company’s slow decline. In 1932, Galloni closed the factory doors and no other Moto Galloni bikes were ever manufactured.

    Today the parents of this brand are Marco and Giorgia, a couple in life and work, which after having participated at a gathering for fans of the historical models of Moto Galloni organized for its one-hundredth birthday, decided to read up and investigate the fate of the historical brand; a brand lost in history, no longer active nor used but would become part of their lives.

    Marco di Sabato, a Certified Public Accountant with a strong mechanical aptitude, and Giorgia Bassi, a graduate in Artistic Design for Companies at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, both share a business idea to combine craftsmanship with the best in technological innovation.

    Since 1920, restyling a heritage brand

    Looking at the lines of the historical motorcycles made in the 1920s, Giorgia immediately tried to narrow down the design to something concretely feasible with a modern style, thus creating stylish and vintage electric bikes, and leaving to Marco all of the technical aspects. Working side by side and dividing the tasks equally along the way, sharing together the desire to restore a reality which had once belonged to Borgomanero, a treasure in their hands to proudly show everyone, a common desire to create something new, something that had an important story to tell. Also very interesting is the collaboration with Philippe Rouge of Carlo A. Nobili handicraft manufacturer of sunglasses and eyeglasses designed and manufactured in two Italian production plants with materials from leading companies in the sector (Mazzucchelli 1849 and Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens). Extreme attention to detail, each pair of glasses comes with a cord, handcrafted in Italy, the distinguishing element of the collection. Philippe Rouge eyeglasses, recognizable by their revamped vintage design are perfect to be worn even when riding a vintage Moto Galloni e-bike.

    In addition to bikes, Moto Galloni also produces e-bike accessories. Attention to detail is very important in this sector and imagination is by no means lacking. The bags are entirely made by hand by an artisan in Borgomanero, Angelo Valsesia, who has passionately and masterfully made the pieces. The materials themselves are also vintage. The traditional dark brown leather has also been matched with fabrics originally used to cover the carriages of freight cars. Each product is therefore unique as the fabric is characterized by several nuances, different from each other. Quality materials yes, but also useful; the bag under the crossbar may be detached and used as a shoulder bag, while the battery cover has a zipper to easy remove the battery itself. “Postman”shoulder bags have also been made with the same materials.


    Handmade and customised, a collection of unique bikes

    Every aspect of the bike may be customized from the paint, for example, either spray or powder with the different Ral, grips and upholstery. An accessories catalogue will soon be available as well as an online configurator making it possible to preview one’s own bike. The bicycle frames are made entirely by hand, with high quality and robust materials (steel or aluminum). The painting is done by hand and all the assembly as well as accessories are made in Borgomanero. MG currently has three models which have attracted much interest in foreign markets, Spain and France in the lead followed by a few northern European countries. They are the Rockster, the Leggera 250 and the Superleggera. In advanced stages of planning is a traditional moped and in the near future, the first Galloni motorcycle (under the brand Moto Galloni).

    The Leggera 250, a work of art on wheels, is being built with materials from the past, iron and passion to stand the test of time, in the name of tradition. It has a guarantee of autonomy of 65 km, record charging time (about 2 hours), and 3 levels of PAS assistance. All in an stylish wheel which communicates wirelessly with the on-board computer, providing at every moment the information of current speed, mileage and battery level.

    The Superleggera marks entry into the world of Moto Galloni; a bike was created for those who do not want to have an electric motor but are tied to classic bikes. The clean lines characterize its lightness and elegant design as does the quality construction, which distinguishes this brand. Aluminum frame, handcrafted trim and finishing details, professional painting with the possibility to customize. Lepper accessories for the upholstery, Brooks grips and fantastic vintage style handlebars will take you back to the golden age.

    The Rockster instead is a modern interpretation of a “BoardTracker” from the 1920s. A hybrid creation something between a motorbike and bike, combining the pleasure of owning a unique motor in addition to the efficiency of an electric cycle. Each Rockster is custom built and not one is exactly the same.

    The stretched frame, the Mercurius, is entirely designed and built in Italy, with high quality steel, a longer wheelbase than the average and more stabile. The Monarch fork, spectacular in its technical elegance, ensures maximum ride comfort. Equipped with high-capacity battery (11Ah), gearshift lever on the rear hub and on-board computer.

    The Moto Galloni design team continually seeks ways to improve their efforts to produce unique pieces; they create works of art on two wheels where exclusivity and innovation are characteristics that are a must.

    At the base of the projects, as well as a good design, is the passion and desire to bring back the lines which have always characterized the historical motorbike. The fundamental aim is to protect the design of the bikes; quality and attention to detail are the watchwords.

    However, the real engine of Moto Galloni is really the desire to create something new, innovative and unique, linking creativity and passion for the sole purpose of being able to tie people to an important story with which, the brand is its voice.


    Images courtesy of Moto Galloni



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