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The Caruso suite: the tenor sang here

  • Travel
  • - 22 January 2015

    Grand Hotel et de Milan. Suite 306 opens the door upon Enrico Caruso, who with his Neapolitan verve of the past, gives welcome into his world. A world of passion and pain. And where, he himself said that those who haven’t suffered cannot sing.

    His is a very special suite. Colours and pictures are very different, creating a pleasant game of contrasts, as if to represent his character. An idea of fun accompanied by a self-deprecating nature contrasts with the great pain of a love gone bad.

    The tones of the environment are sober, masculine colours, from taupe to the darkest grey. The suite’s seeming harshness is, however, softened by hanging paintings. Caricatures of himself while recording. Caruso is in fact the first tenor to have cut on discs.

    Upon entering 306, you enter in the intimacy of a person with a discrete character despite the triumphs spent on stage.




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