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Leu Locati: exclusivity in a handbag

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  • - 8 December 2014
    The real luxury, today, is the exclusivity. The concept of “only I have it. To the world.” A concept that goes beyond any approval and the globalization of taste. Leu Locati has made this concept its philosophy.

    The strength is also in its history. A family business that has always been ran by the same family, Founded in 1908 in the heart of old Milan, between the columns of San Lorenzo and the Navigli. A long, century old story that began with Luigi Locati whose passion was decorating the leather covers of sacred books. An art that already revealed a dedication to meticulousness and elegance, Luigi would unite the purely artisanal ability to repair the records of the clergy and embroider in small stitches of the handbags used by the noblewomen of that era at social occasions. At this moment, the birth of an interest in the art of embroidery and leather came about and was developed for the whole 1900s, surpassing the two wars that had put a strain on Milan and its businesses.

    Paolo Amato is the last heir of Leu Locati. His education is rich and complex with a base in mechanical engineering, a degree in veterinary medicine and a job as a professor of mathematics. Everything comes in handy. And the Company takes off. Creativity, elegance and classic taste marry with modernity and the concept of “made to order, especially for you.” Not surprisingly among some of its most important clients are members of the world’s royal families, wives of emirs, Heads of State and haute couture fashion houses.

    The result are shoes and handbags very precious and unique. Entering the workshop is a wonderful experience. A step back in time. Behind each bag or shoe is a story. In fact, the History of taste and because it can still be found in Italy and only here the art of beautiful and what is priceless. In addition to the workshops where everything is meticulously hand crafted, there are also a few smaller rooms which display selected items. Authentic jewels representing hours of hard work, years of education, centuries of studying what is beautiful. Italy is the Bel Paese where some of the greatest artists of all time have expressed themselves. It is the country of art, aesthetics par excellence, which can be found not only in our cities, churches and museums. As well as in the work of engraving a fastener of an evening bag, or in the processing and coloring of a fabric to make it glossier or softer, or in the leather goods themselves.

    The workshop and the creations of Leu Locati have all this, they affect all of the senses: sight, for the beauty created; smell for the scent of old leather, which seems to suggest the old medieval tanneries of Florence; touch for the refinement that each creation conveys when touched; sound, since the machines are scarce and seemingly small. Nothing is made in a series, it’s all done by hand.
    A sensorial experience at 360 degrees, all summed up in a leather gem.




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