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IN ITALY: a new App for exploring the emotional panorama of Made in Italy

  • Design
  • - 12 May 2015

    The biggest secret of Italian excellence, the key that helps make “Made in Italy” unique and unmistakeable, is the ability to translate into objects of high aesthetic and functional quality, the sense of its surrounding territory.

    From this awareness (knowledge) and from the desire to share with the rest of the world was created IN ITALY, the new app that presents in a highly innovative format (also thanks to the use of holograms of the latest generation) the gems of “Made in Italy” design. Presented at the 2015 Salone del Mobile in Milan, the application is a collaboration between the Federlegno Arredo Association and “Four In The Morning,” the multimedia studio in Rome. The IN ITALY download is available for Androids and iOS systems, upon registration at www.initaly2015.com.

    Thanks to IN ITALY, for the first time, it is possible to feel the same emotions that an Italian artisan experiences in his work and to find out that they are the very same as those visiting the historic residences which often in Italy are also used as workshops and showrooms. A creative philosophy which not only interests smaller companies, but also those companies riding along the border between artisan handicrafts and industrial mass production. Among the latter part of the project are internationally renowned companies such as Flou, Poltrona Frau and Koh-I-Noor.

    The idea behind IN ITALY is in fact to show the line of continuity going from the producer to the consumer, by way of the importance of the manufacturing site of the product itself.

    The initial screen of IN ITALY allows you to choose one of the five Italian territories chosen for the project: the Val d’Orcia, one of the most fascinating areas of Tuscany (central Italy), located  between Siena and Grosseto and celebrated for its wide and luminous fields of green; and four cities chosen for their wealth of water, light and raw materials: Milan, Venice, Rome and Lecce (one of the most important cities in the region of Puglia, southern Italy).

    In each of these areas, architecture and design studios, production studios and workshops were selected and are presented as real interactive environments. By clicking on each individual setting, you can navigate in a series of multimedia details dedicated to 64 Italian design companies and with a total of 120 digital films. Starting with an architectural element or design object, each video describes the company’s history of each producer, the production techniques and the work environment.

    As such, it is possible to discover how each Italian territory reflects in its artisan handicrafts, the geographical peculiarities of its area. A singularity particularly impressive in the films dedicated to Tuscany and Rome; areas of central Italy where the contrast between the delicacy of the landscape and intense light give life to productions focusing on important and valuable materials such as jewelry, gold, curtains, ceramics and glass.

    Glass in itself is one of Italy’s key and most influential products: particularly fascinating example is that of Gianni Seguso, master glassmaker on the island of Murano, near Venice, which has been carrying on the family tradition of glassmaking which began seven centuries ago and still today oversees the production of Rezzonico chandeliers, sconces, vases and goblets, entirely based on the refined and exclusive local art of glass blowing.

    But not only. Water and light, and consequently electricity generated by machinery, are the elements which unite the producers of Italian design also on an industrial level. The mentioned continuity between shops, workshops and showrooms allows producers, customers and visitors to discover the dazzle of natural light filtering through windows, the sound of the sea or the city; a concept which can also be found in the production of home furnishings, furniture and lighting technology in the area of Milan, where design engineers place much attention and value on the airy continuity between internal and external environments and the presence of gardens, courtyards, patios, fountains and lighting effects which may be enjoy both in summer as well as during the winter.

    A conception of design which draws the attention of not only Italian designers; the video presentations are in fact accompanied by interviews with four internationally renowned designers, two of which – Jean Marie Massaud and Patricia Urquiola – speak about their privileged relationship with the productive network of design and Italian luxury.

    Thanks to IN ITALY, it is possible to reach the heart of Made in Italy, a reality whose strength lies not only in quantity of the capillary producers but also in the perfect integration between craftsmanship, trade, manufacturing and artistic curiosity for everything which surrounds us.




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