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iMoon: look at the Moon in the eye

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  • - 10 June 2015
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    Once the moon inspired poets in love. At most astronauts. But the times have changed, today it touches the hearts of regretful accountants. The history of iMoon is the story of a revolution, that of an established business man who one day left his successful career to enter a new phase, like that of the moon.

    An inspired awakening under the moon of Ibiza

    Marco Cazzaniga studied economics and worked in the investment world until he had reached a prestigious position. He wore tailored suits designed by his tailor and handmade shoes by his personal shoemaker. Yet he was not satisfied, he was focused on gaining material possessions and lost sight of his true self. So one day, he took off his expensive suit, his manager’s uniform and never put it on again.

    Leaving his job and his city, Milan, to take refuge in Ibiza, a small Mediterranean island famous for its magical nights. Here he finds himself once again; here he develops a love of philosophy and the study of the classics; yet here he encounters a lively nightlife, hiding behind sunglasses. It turns out that behind every dark lens is a world. Some people want to hide their emotions and others want to mask a hangover; there is a VIP who does not want to be disturbed and there are those who desire to be clouded a hint of mystery; and then there are those who love to show off their stylish accessories in any occasion, like many Italian “fashion victims”. Marco, however, realized that sunglasses may also be an obstacle, if worn when there was no sun. And thus his intuition, simple but ingenious, he created moon glasses, “iMoon”.

    This is the “vision” that allows him to come up with this unique product, based on excellence in every detail, from the materials to the design, to achieve what he calls the first “Concept Art Design Glasses” dedicated to the evening, with multiple reading levels. Marco Cazzaniga has wanted to satisfy the outward appearance of “appeal and fashion” yet without having to sacrifice the project’s deep, philosophical, emotional and spiritual meaning. On each numbered collection piece, he has wanted to use the phrase: “Visualized in Ibiza. Handmade in Italy” to clarify the origin of his inspiration and the type of production, handmade by experienced Italian craftsmen in a limited edition.

    Marco says, “The “iMoon”moon glasses stem from a long period of development and a successful partnership with my partner Max Brunello, an optician friend who has over twenty years experience in the field of the eyeglasses. His professionalism has helped me to make my dream a reality.”

    Together they give strength to a project that is a real world, not just a simple object.


    A lens for each lunar phase

    Four model have been created in tune with the four phases of the moon, which fit four types of lenses, following the rhythm of the four seasons, associated with states of mind and precise elements, in accordance with Traditional Chinese Medicine. There is Full Moon, an explosion of energy capable of shifting tides, connected to summer, fire, excitement and celebration followed by Waning Moon, designed for intimacy after the euphoria linked with autumn, meditation and metal. New Moon is the moment of maximum introspection, in keeping with winter, water, rest and recovery of one’s strength before returning to life with Crescent Moon. This is the spring, leaving the shell, the blossoming of flowers, enthusiasm, the color green and wood. And the cycle begins again.

    Choosing the best lenses has taken years of research and testing, because nothing of it’s kind existed previously. He’s wanted to pursue high quality, to achieve filters able to optimize vision in critical conditions, such as at night, but not only. “iMoon” eyeglasses may be used whenever visibility is low, for example in fog or rain or when smog and pollution cover the sun. There are four colours: pink which favors the perception of contrasts, yellow which increases the visibility of details in low light, green which helps one’s vision when the eye is weak and blue which is particularly suitable for clubs and night. They are made of CRIDAL, a new derivative of the polyacetates family, recyclable, scratch-resistant and anti-reflective on both sides. They are environmentally friendly and the case is completely biodegradable.

    But this is only the beginning. When asked about future plans, Marco Cazzaniga responded, “There are many. The ideas are there, but the technology isn’t. We are developing a new field of research for products which offer a different view of reality, in all senses. iMoon eyeglasses, in fact, serve not only to see better in difficult conditions, but they also help you feel more relaxed. The different lens colours induce pleasant sensory stimuli, almost a kind of colour therapy. I always use them, day and night.”

    Like the moon, even “iMoon” eyeglasses have a hidden side. Behind their appealing charm and “Made in Italy” fashion are concealed the Eastern philosophies of mental well-being, alternating exterior and interior in a game of opposites, like the symbol of Tao present on each model. Day contrasts with night as the sun with the moon, and each has its own perfect moment. Marco wisely concludes, “The Sun is time to live, the Moon is time to love.”


    Photo credits – courtesy of i-Moon




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