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Gallia e Peter: the luxury of taking one’s time

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  • - 14 January 2015
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    Luxury has thousands of different variations, but for Laura Marelli, the last heir to a centennial tradition, luxury means above all knowing how to cut a custom-made creation for oneself and for her highly selected clientele.

    Gallia e Peter is the most popular milliner’s in Milan; an atelier which has been making hats since the early 1900s when the Gallia and Peter families decided to unite their business activities under the same name and to create women’s hats inspired by the style of the French of that period. It was mainly thanks to Mariuccia Gallia, born in Turin and who later moved to Milan that the brand was able to establish itself in high society. Strong even was the prestigious past of her mother, Lalla Paschero, who was the official milliner for the Royal Household. From 1930, it could be found in Via Montenapoleone and in 2007 the workshop moved to Via Moscova. The small atelier has never stopped making hats for special occasions, ceremonies, fashion shows, social events, both under its own brand, as well as teaming up with famous designers like Armani, Ferrè and Versace. With its multifaceted style, the creations are all custom-made to the needs of each customer and are always easily recognized for their class and design originality.

    Taking over the helm of the business from her mother at a young age, Laura Marelli has become an elegant woman proud of her past, yet at the same time, well aware of the need to rethink one’s entrepreneurial role in light of the great changes of today’s world.

    In recent years, the Gallia e Peter atelier has become, even more so than in the past, a real, intimate sitting room. While having a friendly conversation or taking a look at the elegant displays, the clients are helped by the owner’s guided experience to decide the style and color of their hats, each being made-to-measure using quality materials, such as hand-painted merino felt and cashmere.

    Thanks to this approach, each hat created in the Gallia e Peter workshop becomes a unique and unprecedented piece. The wonderful artisan dimension which permits for close contact with clients and with their very own personal needs may be deliciously painted with an anecdote that Laura remembers with a laugh; one day, a very demanding customer believing the impossibility of finding in Italy a particular type of feather which was to adorn her hat, gave Laura a plane ticket to Paris where she would be able to to find the precious material in the French capital. A kind of relationship out of this world and which brings to mind the ancient medieval workshops where the buyer and master craftsman wove ties meant to last and where together, they gave life to great works. And speaking of boutiques, the Gallia e Peter workshop is a small world adjacent to the shop, which embodies all the artisan knowledge accumulated over a century and includes fabrics, models in the works, wood displays and working tools. The very fact that the workshop is an integral part of the shop means that Laura can create anything, even from the fabrics and materials brought in by the customers or the dyeing of fabrics to match the same color of one’s gown.

    At an elegant wedding or at the Ascot races, the more than three hundred models of hats that Laura prepares personally, carry a story of sophistication and love for one’s own work. And for the dreams of one’s clients.


    Via Moscova, 60 – 20121 Milano – Italy





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