About us

Editorial mission

What is excellence? What is genius? What is the philosopher’s stone of creativity?

We believe it’s like water. It flows into a stream of history and shapes it into new forms; the ability to embody the spirit of time.

We believe it’s like air, like the wind and clouds in flight, fluctuating to discover new horizons, extending the boundaries of the imagination.

We believe it’s like fire, energy and passion that gives strength to life bringing us closer to what we want most deeply.

We believe it’s like the earth where history, identity and traditions are deeply rooted. Faithful to the earth, dreams become a reality as they flee from the ephemeral world of ideas.

We believe that genius transcends a product or brand, which instead arises from the meeting of people, stories and places; the elements of a quintessential with an extraordinary voice telling us about emotions and new worlds waiting to be discovered.

Trendscendent guides you to the revelation of hidden gems, living examples of excellence, beyond the horizon of luxury.

On this journey we wish to share with our readers, we find inspiration in the course of the artifex of the alchemical tradition. As he ventures into the Magnum Opus, searching for wisdom, purity and perfection, Trendscendent seeks the essence of the genius, as a sublime synthesis of territory, history, passion and imagination.

Each discovery we offer our readers wants to become an appointment with a destiny of excellence, a journey that already seems to have been written in the stories we encounter.

With this in mind, tarot cards will be our guide; a tool deeply intertwined with alchemical traditions.

In every cycle of transformations, in each experience of discovery, the Fool, the first card of the Tarot, marks the first step in the journey of life. And an air card, of infinite possibilities, the soul of the Fool is innocent; it’s an open and carefree spirit.

With this same spirit, we want to explore the wonders of creativity. We’ll follow each of the twenty-two Major Arcana in their entirety, from the heat of the Sun to the water of the Moon.

Our destination is the World, the last tarot card, a metaphor of understanding, of awareness, of the reunion with entirety. In it, we will find a new level of happiness and fulfillment.

Now let the journey begin; shake your phone and a card will mark the beginning of a new adventure of new discoveries!