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Cantina Mesa – tales of Sardegna

  • Food&Drink
  • - 10 March 2015
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    In the heart of Sulcis Iglesiente, in the valley of Porto Pino, in the southwest part of Sardinia, one sees a white modern structure of enormous dimensions in the valley surrounded by the sea and brushed by the mistral hiding inside everything needed to produce wine.

    Here is where Gavino Sanna, the most famous Italian ad publicist (also responsible for the advertising of Barilla pasta, Tuborg and Fiat) ,decided to achieve his dream by creating something unique while, at the same time, respecting the traditions and culture of his Country.

    So, in 2004, the Cantina Mesa came about, a personal “ad campaign” designed by Sanna for his island, to honour it and make it known via one of its products of excellence, wine.

    The name Mesa in the Sardinian dialect means table, four letters containing the idea of food, sharing, simplicity, love and the fragrances of Sardinian soil

    Sanna wants to bring the world, the values of Sardinia, tell of the Island’s history, treasures and traditions in a new way, with a kind of message in a bottle, a message of love for his land.
    Love and passion led him, after only four harvests, to win in 2008 the Veronelli Award as the “Best Emerging Winemaker.”

    “We are a young winemaking company, founded in 2004,” said Luca Fontana, head of communications at the Cantina Mesa. The winery has an array of 15 wines but only two, the Vermentino DOC GIUNCO and the Carignano DOC BUIO, are the major players, on the Sardinian and the national markets (that of the old continent), and, more recently, on the US, Russian and Japanese markets.

    Very refined are the dark glass bottles, strong, austere and dignified, inspired by the women of Sardinia, always the protagonists of the history of the island and custodians of its oldest and deepest values. The bottles are adorned with a minimal label which incorporates drawings of traditional Sardinian tapestries. On the back, small poems written by the same Fontana.

    The back label of the MESA wines tells in a new and contemporary way of the millennial history of the island and its ancient winemaking traditions. The idea of Gavino Sanna, in fact, was to create small poems, a kind of haiku which knew how to tell in an original fashion of some of the characteristics of the wine and its territory. An initial reading of the texts appears to be poetic exercises original and extravagant. But, in reality, there is always a link between the wine and its story. The description of the Carignano Riserva BUIO BUIO reads “strong body of an ancient trunk whose grapes tells of the never ending winds and sea.” These words are not chosen randomly, but rather to introduce this well-structured wine, which comes from vineyards, a hundred years old, and live on the sands of Porto Pino facing the sea, caressed by the mistral winds and the salty breeze. Wind and sea dancing in front of the vineyards since the dawn of time, never ending.

    Carignano and Vermentino are the primary products alongside Chardonnay and Syrah which enrich and complete some of the blended wines offered instead of a single native grape variety.

    And so, day after day, amid days of strong northwest winds, scorching heat, patience, culture, knowledge, love and above all respect, is produced a wine of excellence, deserving to be known and tasted everywhere, on a “mesa” in the countryside, as well as on one of the finest tables of an elegant city restaurant.





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