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Alberto Giacometti at the GAM in Milan

  • Culture
  • - 20 November 2014

    GAM, Milan’s modern art gallery, opened the season with “Alberto Giacometti.” On display from October 8, 2014 until February 01, 2015, the exhibition brings together a selection of 63 pieces: sculptures, paintings, drawings and photographs. Alberto Giacometti was born and spent his childhood in Switzerland, not far from the Italian border. In the atelier of his father, an impressionist painter, he cultivated his passion for art and painted here, at the age of fourteen, his first oil and in addition to his first sculpture. In 1922, he moved to Paris to join the Académie de la Grande-Chaumiere, at the Ville Lumiere he spent much of his life before returning to Switzerland, where he died in 1966 in Chur. The works on exhibit at the GAM, illustrate all of the periods of Alberto Giacometti. From his debut with Post-Cubism and Surrealism up to reaching full maturity, where the material molded by the hands of the master gave back, in each piece, the tactile dimension of the model from which Giacometti started. The displayed works are organized in a chronological order so that the visitors may fully understand the evolution of the master; from his busts portraying members of his family, to the symbolic objects (Boule Suspandue) which give way to the slender and slim figures (La Cage) and finally the monumental works (Grand Femme IV) of his last artistic period.



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